Create Package from Solution does not include .h files

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    • Create Package from Solution does not include .h files

      As best I can tell right clicking on the solution and selecting "Create Package from Solution..." creates a archive of the solution that can then be extracted either as a backup or on another machine to re-create the complete solution environment. I attempted to do so and found that while all the files that are shown in the solution/project browser were included none of the include (.h) files were. I am using the nordic licensed version and the template files I have used do not explicitly have the include files as part of the project. What is the correct solution to make this work? Is there a semi-automated way to add those missing files to the project/solution so that a complete archive is created?


    • Hello Ken,

      The emArchive functionality will only add files that are in the same folder as the emProject file or deeper.
      Everything else currently will not be added as we have no way of knowing if the target PC where the archive is reopened will have the same path depth available as the original setup.

      So currently you would have to make sure manually that all files are in the project folder.

      In future it is planned to expand Embedded Studio so that the copying of "external" sources that are outside the project folder will happen automatically before creating the archive.

      Best regards,
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