[SOLVED] Multiple <FlashBankInfo> elements in the same <Device> possible?

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  • [SOLVED] Multiple <FlashBankInfo> elements in the same <Device> possible?


    I am developing a flashloader based on Open Flashloader API described in wiki.segger.com/Open_Flashloader#Open_Flashloader
    This flashloader is for a CM33 MCU which is still under development. The MCU has two regions of flash memory - NVR section and Main Flash Array.
    The NVR region needs to be programmed in a special way, with some addional security features, while the main flash array can be programmed normally.
    I have the following queries:
    1. Can we have separate flashloaders for each of the memory areas?
    2. How do we choose the flashloader to invoke in our IDE debugger setup?

    I have attached a snippet of the JLinkDevices.xml file for reference.

    Thank you.
    • FlashInfo.png

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  • Hi Radhika,
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Reg 1.:
    As I can see in the image you attached, you are doing this already ("[..] Loader = [..]").
    You actually have to provide a flashloader for each memory area.
    For more info, please refer to this page:

    Reg 2.:

    Best regards,
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