GIF display issue on LCD

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    • GIF display issue on LCD


      I wanted to display the animated GIF on LCD.

      I have executed one program on simulator, it is showing animated GIF on the simulator as expected (PFA working_on_simulator.txt).

      The same program is executed on the imx1024 board, the loaded GIF image is not showing as expected (PFA Not_working_on_LCD.txt).

      The GIF to C file is converted using 'Bin2C' tool.

      Please let me know if I missed anything.

      • simulator.PNG

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      • LCD.jpg

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    • Hello,

      On which target have you executed the program?

      I have shared emwin_support.txt file to verify the memory related configurations.

      Could you please verify memory related configurations and let me know what should be the correct configurations for IMXRT1064 target board?

      If you need some additional files to verify the memory related configurations, Please let me know.