[ABANDONED] No Cortex-M SW Device found

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  • [ABANDONED] No Cortex-M SW Device found


    I am working on ARM Cortex M4 development board provided by Vorago technologies. I am using keil IDE with "debug Jlink/J-trace Cortex".

    In the driver setup setting, there is no IDCODE getting detected and when I try to flash there is an error popping up with "No Cortex-M SW Device found".

    I tried running RTT viewer, the error in RTT is viewer is "Could not connect to target"

    When I try to connect to using j-link commander, I can see that device is powered (VTref=3.3V) but still when the try to establish connection there is an error "Cannot connect to target"

    How to resolve it?
    • SW_device_ID.PNG

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    • j-link_commander.PNG

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    • jlink_commander_error.PNG

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  • Hello,

    Is this a virgin device or is there already software running on it?
    If there is already software running on it, the SW might enter low power modes that can make the device becoming non-responsive.
    If there is a fallback for a device for such a case depends on the device, as it is up to the silicon vendor to provide a fallback or not.

    Does it work with a virgin device?