[SOLVED] Best approach for multiple MCU flashing

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  • [SOLVED] Best approach for multiple MCU flashing


    I would like to flash post manufactured PCBs that are available on a panel. Each panel has 6 PCBs. I have been developing a software/IDE to handle JLInkEXE, flashing, verifying and printing PCB label.
    What would be the best approach for getting that done regarding J-TAG connection?
    1. Using a single J-TAG programmer, sharing pins and connecting TDI/TDO in chain?
      • Seems to be the easiest solution;
      • However, if 1 PCB fails, the next one won't be flashed, is that right? I won't be able to flash and give user information about the whole PCBs panel.
    2. Multiplexing all pins with an analog mux IC?
      • I could also build a PCB to mux all J-TAG pins and select which PCB is being flashed.
      • It would be possible to flash independent PCBs, inform the user which passed/failed.

    Sylvio Alves
  • Hi,

    1) You could have 6 J-Links connected to the same PC and let them flash in parallel. (By starting 6 instances of JLinkExe in parallel)
    2) You could build a JTAG chain where the 6 PCBs share TDI & TDO

    However, 2) has the disadvantage that you need to build a chain and make sure that the lines between the PCBs do not get to long to avoid signal quality problems.
    Another disadvantage would be that it only works for JTAG and programming would be serialized (one PCB after another)