[SOLVED] STM32H745 Dual Core Development/Debugging

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  • [SOLVED] STM32H745 Dual Core Development/Debugging

    Does Segger have any examples or notes for the recommended way to develop/debug code for dual core processors in Embedded Studio? I am working with the STM32H745ZI processor and would like some guidance. I initially imported an ST STM32H745 Nulceo dual core GPIO example but it did not link the firmware to the right address spaces. I separated the CM4 and CM7 imported code into two projects in one solution and changed the flash/ram address space for each one. That seems to work but I'm wondering if it is the proper way to develop for dual core?

    For debugging, are there any tips on debugging dual core processors? Is it possible to view registers from both cores during a debug session or can I only see the registers for the core being debugged?

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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    A how to debug and setup multi core projects in Embedded Studio is explained here:

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