[SOLVED] Jlink Command to identify the target prior to programming

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  • [SOLVED] Jlink Command to identify the target prior to programming


    The purpose is ,i have to program the two target devices which are connected to same PC. I know if i run manually i can select the segger USB number and program the device.I know we can USB number in the Jlink scripts for automation. But if by any chance the user swaps the physical USB segger connected to the devices then firmware programming of the files may go wrong during automation . So i need to identify the device connected and then program corresponding firmware binary.

    I would like to know is there any command to identify the target connected using Jink Flash commander. Im using Jlink version 6.50b

  • Hi,

    It works the other way around:
    You need to tell J-Link to what device you are connecting to (as you do for every IDE and compiler).
    So it is your responsibility that the settings are correct.
    Please note that there is no generic approach to auto-detect all devices. The max. you can detect is the CPU core incorporated in a specific device and even that has its limits.
    So you should make sure that your J-Links / Flashers are not swapped in your production line and suddenly are connected to different devices than you expect them to be.