Two suggestions! Separate color on MULTIPAGE Tabs, Text Label on BUTTON pressed

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    • Hi Amir,

      thank you for your suggestions, we will consider adding them to emWin. Although, both of this can already be achieved with emWin using skinning.

      Several text labels for a button are pretty easy to do, you need to set a skinning routine that displays the texts based on BUTTON_IsPressed() in the WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW_TEXT case.

      A custom color for each MULTIPAGE tab can be done similarly, by setting a skinning routine. When the background is drawn in the WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW_BACKGROUND case, the user can pick a color according to the tab index. The tab index can be read from pDrawItemInfo->ItemIndex.

      If you want to have actual samples to learn how to do this, please let me know.

      Best regards,