Error at IMAGE Widget refreshing in Multipage

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    • Error at IMAGE Widget refreshing in Multipage


      When I Put an IMAGE on the MULTIPAGE, it work correctly.
      Also when the IMAGE on top of a TEXT put on the desktop, it is OK and show correctly.
      But the IMAGE on top of with some Widgets (such as TEXT or EDITBOX which has no TRANSPARENCY), on a MULTIPAGE, the IMAGE will not display!

      As Attachments:
      IMAGE1.PNG shows IMAGE with TEXT (Ideally)
      IMAGE2.PNG captured with VNC on real target display.

      Please note me.
      Thanks and Best regards.
      • IMAGE1.PNG

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      • IMAGE2.PNG

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    • Thank you for attention

      My code is very complex and big, I made a graphical environment, to customize design, So all code is independent as other and I only call the certain routines.
      So the code body is fixed in all time.

      For example this code made a IMAGE, it is simple, only some factor such as WM_CF_SHOW, ... may be important.

      WM_HWIN CreateImage(tHmiData HmiObject, int ID)
      const tImage *rImage;
      WM_HWIN hwnd;
      rImage= (tImage *)HmiObject.ObjectParm;
      hwnd= IMAGE_CreateUser(rImage->WinRect.x0, rImage->WinRect.y0, rImage->WinRect.x1, rImage->WinRect.y1, (HmiObject.Parent != -1)? WM_GetClientWindow(rHmiObject[HmiObject.Parent].hWin):0, WM_CF_SHOW , IMAGE_CF_MEMDEV, ID, sizeof(void *));
      IMAGE_SetBitmap(hwnd, &rHmiPicture[rImage->ImageIndex].Bitmap);

      And this code is for MULTIPAGE

      WM_HWIN CreateMultiPage(tHmiData HmiObject, int ID)
      const tMultiPage *rMultiPage; int i;
      WM_HWIN hwnd;

      rMultiPage= (tMultiPage *)HmiObject.ObjectParm;
      hwnd= MULTIPAGE_CreateUser(rMultiPage->WinRect.x0, rMultiPage->WinRect.y0, rMultiPage->WinRect.x1, rMultiPage->WinRect.y1, (HmiObject.Parent != -1)? WM_GetClientWindow(rHmiObject[HmiObject.Parent].hWin):0, WM_CF_SHOW , 0, ID, sizeof(void *));
      if (!rMultiPage->Skin) MULTIPAGE_SetSkinClassic(hwnd);
      for (i=0; i<rMultiPage->NumPage; i++)
      MULTIPAGE_AddPage(hwnd, rHmiObject[rMultiPage->WindowIndex].hWin, rMultiPage->rMultiPageTab[i].TabName);

      MULTIPAGE_EnableScrollbar(hwnd, 1);
      MULTIPAGE_SetAlign(hwnd, rMultiPage->TabAlign);
      MULTIPAGE_SetBkColor(hwnd, rMultiPage->BkColor, MULTIPAGE_CI_ENABLED);
      MULTIPAGE_SetFont(hwnd, rHmiFonts[rMultiPage->FontIndex]);
      MULTIPAGE_SetRotation(hwnd, rMultiPage->Rotation);
      MULTIPAGE_SetTabHeight(hwnd, rMultiPage->TabHeight);
      MULTIPAGE_SetTextAlign(hwnd, rMultiPage->TextAlign);
      MULTIPAGE_SetTextColor(hwnd, rMultiPage->TextColor, 1);

      MULTIPAGE_SetUserData(hwnd, &rMultiPage, sizeof(void *));

      I will write a simple code for test.