Drawing in a child window using primitive drawing functions (Draw line, Circle, etc...)

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    • Drawing in a child window using primitive drawing functions (Draw line, Circle, etc...)


      I created a child window:
      WM_CreateWindowAsChild(0, 0, LCD_GetXSize(), LCD_GetYSize(), WM_HBKWIN, WM_CF_SHOW, _cbBk, 0);

      and I want to draw in this child window using primitive drawing functions (Draw line, Circle, etc...).
      Q1: How can I do that?
      Q2: Will the callback function "cbBk" of my child Window also update the drawings as I change them based on external inputs?

    • Hi Florian,

      Thanks for the tips. I tried that but as I drew, within the WM_PAINT case, the vertical line got drawn in the background window (so behind the child window see attached snapshot). I want to draw inside the childwindow and I want the callback of the child window to refresh the dynamic line drawing changes.

      Looking at the attached picture, the line should have been drawn inside the child window (red box) and clipped from the mid-screen to the bottom of the screen since that is outside of the child window.

      But one can see that for y = 10 to y = LCD_GetYSize() >> 1 (=136) the line is "behind" the child window.

      LCD_GetXSize() is 480
      LCD_GetYSize() is 272

      static void _cbBk(WM_MESSAGE * pMsg) {

      case WM_PAINT:
      GUI_DrawVLine(Value, 10, 272);

      void MainTask(void) {
      WM_CreateWindowAsChild(LCD_GetXSize() >> 1, 0, LCD_GetXSize() >> 1, LCD_GetYSize() >> 1, WM_HBKWIN, WM_CF_SHOW, _cbBk, 0);

      Thanks a bunch!
      • Drawing_in_ChildWindow.PNG

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    • Hi Florian,

      Within the WM_PAINT case statement I do call GUI_Clear() as you will see in the attached code. Notice that when I add the line drawing call, GUI_DrawVLine(Value, 10, 272), in WM_PAIN: the line is not drawn. When I add it to the
      case WM_NOTIFICATION_RELEASED: I see the line but it's drawn in the background window, not in the Child window as I need.

      See code attached.

      Since you now have this code, if you look at the WM_KEY case, where I try to exit using the ESCAPE key press. That does not work either. I sent a question to Sven on it. If you can see why, please let me know as I carbon copied an emWIN example so this should work out of the box...

      The expression : switch (((WM_KEY_INFO*)(pMsg->Data.p))->Key) should read the KEY number and case GUI_KEY_ESCAPE should match that. But even when I place a break point on the -> case GUI_KEY_ESCAPE: it never breaks...

      case WM_KEY: // This does not work for now.
      switch (((WM_KEY_INFO*)(pMsg->Data.p))->Key) {
      case GUI_KEY_ESCAPE:
      _Break = 1;

      Thanks again!
    • Hi,

      it isn't being drawn correctly since you are drawing in the WM_NOTIFY_PARENT case, but you should only draw in WM_PAINT cases!

      WM_KEY messages are sent to the window that has input focus. But by default windows can't receive input focus, so this has to be implemented manually.

      I've attached a sample that does this, you need to copy the cases WM_SET_ID, WM_GET_ID, WM_SET_FOCUS and WM_PID_STATE_CHANGED from _cbWin to your callback.

      Best regards,