how to use touch in emwin

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    • how to use touch in emwin

      hellow guys
      i have a stm32f103ve micro and a 7 inch tft lcd and a gt911 touch ic.
      i run emwin on my micro using ssd1963 ic driver and now i wanna add touchscreen in this system. i have some question about that:
      1_is this possible that use emwin functions for this touch ic. if it is possible what shoud i do?
      2_for adding touch to emwin is that a Specified place in emwin files(like configuration od ssd1963 and portAPI) that i can add touch function.
      3_is some one have a example of using this touch ic and emwin.

      can some one please upload a example that show me how to add touch to emwin and how to use it. for example how to press a button using touch.
    • Hi,

      I've attached a sample PIDConf.c for the STM32F746G-Disco which you can take as reference.

      You have to handle the touch input in the routine PID_X_Exec(). Most important is that you get the touch input by calling the routine that polls the touch data from the touch controller. In this example this is done with BSP_TS_GetState(&TS_State). This data then needs to be sent to emWin by calling GUI_TOUCH_StoreStateEx(&StatePID).

      Best regards,


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    • hellow dear florian thanks for repling me
      there is some steps in emwin user manual in chapter pointer input device for using touch. like Implementing the hardware routines with functions like GUI_TOUCH_X_ActivateX or GUI_TOUCH_X_MeasureX . and in follow it explane how to Calibrate touch screen and some more steps. i need an example that include all of steps for using touch in emwin. can you please upload a complete example for me.