ssd1963 problem with stm32f103ve

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    • ssd1963 problem with stm32f103ve

      hellow guys
      i have a stm32f103ve micro and a ssd1963 ic driver for driving a 7 inch tft lcd. in a simple project i use ssd1963 with fsmc to run lcd and now iam shure my init function for ssd1963 will work good.
      now i wanna run emwin on this system. for this purpose i use one of this forum template for ssd1963 but it isnt work. in attach you can see my lcdconf.c file. please guys help me what i do wrong?

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    • Hi,

      From my point of view it is looking good so far.

      What exactly is not working?

      Does it crash?

      Has "pDevice" a value?

      Do you get into the functions set in the GUI_PORT_API structure?

      Did you spend enough memory for emWin?
      At least enough memory for 1 line of pixel data should available.

      Where is the controller initialization?
      emWin does not initialize the controller. This has to be done by the user.