ICON_VIEW Text colour

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    • ICON_VIEW Text colour


      I am using ICON_VIEW to set and arrange the buttons but I have a issue that I am unable to set separate text color for separate ICON.

      I have attached one sample file and similar to this I wanted to implement the GUI. The square icon should be in the middle of previous two icons(PFA).

      Could you please help me to implement this using ICON_VIEW?

      • IconView.PNG

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    • Hi Vikram,

      unfortunately it is not possible to set different text colors for different icons, only for the two states "selected" and "unselected". Also, I doubt that it's possible with this widget to align the icons as your image suggests.

      I would suggest to use normal buttons instead of an iconview widget, since this is much more versatile. You can define the look of each individual button by setting a custom callback routine, where the drawing of the button is handled in the WM_PAINT case.

      I've attached an example demonstrating how to do this.

      Best regards,