SystemView 3.10 (deb, x64) no connection

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    • SystemView 3.10 (deb, x64) no connection

      Ubuntu 19.10
      SystemView 3.10, (deb x64)
      The program starts, I try to connect - a connection dialog box appears, then a warning about J-Link EDU appears. And nothing else happens - no connection, no error messages.
      Target sources updated to 3.10
      If I roll back to version 2.52d (systemview deb package only), everything works again.
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The connection issues on macOS and Linux were reproducible. We are currently investigating.

      @francium, on Windows everything worked though so I assume your reported behaviour is not related to the other ones.
      Could you open another thread with more information about your setup? What target device? Custom or eval board? Example project for reproduction., etc.

      Best regards,
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