[SOLVED] J-Link EDU v6.6x: "Terms of use" screen keeps reappearing

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  • [SOLVED] J-Link EDU v6.6x: "Terms of use" screen keeps reappearing

    Host OS Linux Fedora 30, 64Bit
    J-Link EDU V9, fw 13.12.2019

    When upgrading from J-Link software version 6.56d to any of J-Link software versions 6.60, 6.60a, 6.60b, 6.61a the "Terms of use" screen keeps reappearing each time I start jlink. The activation of the tick box "Do not show this message again for today" does not prevent the message from reappearing (it worked on 6.56d).

    Does anybody else observes the same behaviour?
    It's perfectly fine to acknowledge this once a day, but extremely annoying when it keeps reappearing while trying to run scripts...
  • Hi,
    Thank your for your inquiry.

    We are aware of this issue.
    A fix will be part of a patched release later today.

    Stay up-to-date regarding J-Link:

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