[SOLVED] Dumping binary data from MCU to host via RTT

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  • [SOLVED] Dumping binary data from MCU to host via RTT


    I have inherited a project from a former colleague that uses RTT for debugging and it works well. The embedded code uses SEGGER_RTT_TerminalOut function to send event messages to the debugger and onto the PC. The guy that wrote the code also wrote a python script that connects to port 19021 to get these messages.

    What I want to do is dump out the contents of an external flash chip connected to the micro controller that is running the RTT c code. I can easily get a buffer of bytes from the flash memory and just assumed that I can use the same method as used before (SEGGER_RTT_TerminalOut), but found that this is expecting null terminated strings, which causes problems.

    So my question is what is the proper way to do this? I feel that it is possible, having Googled around, but as I have not used RTT before or anything like it, I cannot work it out.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hi Ross,
    Thanks for your inquiry.

    If you only want to send raw data to the host, you can use SEGGER_RTT_Write().
    For further information about this, and other functions available, please refer to the J-Link User Manual (UM08001).
    You can find the manual here:
    And here:

    Please find an excerpt from the manual, regarding said function, attached.

    Best regards,
    • SEGGER_RTT_Write.PNG

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