listview widget skin problem

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    • listview widget skin problem

      I'm using STemwin V5.44, stm32cubemx V5.4 exported, I created a listview widget, I try to change the skin of the listview ,but failed ,I tried this fuction(LISTVIEW_SetSkinClassic(hItem);) but called error, I tried (LISTVIEW_SetBkColor(hItem, LISTVIEW_CI_DISABLED, GUI_MAKE_COLOR(0x0077773C));WM_DisableWindow(hItem);) ,but (LISTVIEW_CI_DISABLED) seems not work at all,but the other options working well(LISTVIEW_CI_UNSEL,LISTVIEW_CI_SEL,LISTVIEW_CI_SELFOCUS), but this 4 options appear in one same function explaination,I don't know what's the problem,how can I change the skin when disabled,and change back when enabled ? I tried to google and search in this forum ,but few people meet this question

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    • your method working very well, [LISTVIEW_SetOwnerDraw(hListview, _OwnerDrawListview);][_OwnerDrawListview] this function has a parameter[ WIDGET_ITEM_DRAW_INFO*], but only struct pointer,no struct body given, how can this work ? do I need to declare it somwhere?
      another problem is there is no get function [LISTVIEW_GetOwnerDraw] , so how can I change back to default, or once I set ownerdraw, it must be use all the time? actually , I just want to let it look differrent when enabled and disabled, why [LISTVIEW_CI_DISABLED] doesn't work at all, is this a bug? will it be fixed ? or I didn't get how to use?
    • Hi,

      there is no default owner draw function per se, what you mean is the default paint routine for the widget. This routine is typically named _Paint() or _OnPaint() and called in the WM_PAINT case of the widget's default callback routine. These routines are located in the file to the corresponding widget. When a custom owner draw routine is set, the custom routine is called instead of the default paint routine.

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    • oh,thanks,
      but I still don't know how to change skin when disabled listview widget and change back when enabled,
      Once I tried LISTVIEW_SetOwnerDraw() ,the focus blue clolor will no more cover whole grid ,only text area,
      I try to cover listview widget with a subtransparent widget directly, but failed