feasibility study for tft

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    • feasibility study for tft

      I am currently developing a TFT based application
      My controller is 300Mhz and TFT refreshing frequency is 30Mhz
      SRAM is 16MB and ROM Flash Memory is 128MB
      I am developing with nuvoton processor N9H30 with ARM-9 core

      Is my things sufficient for updating frame window with good performance?

      Thanks in Advance
      R Sridhar
    • Hi,

      This depends pretty much on what you intend to do. Also the size of the LCD is important.

      Basically emWin will perform quite well on such a device, but you shouldn't expect a high performance when you want to draw a lot of semi transparent stuff (like bitmaps, AA text and shapes..). Semi transparency requires a lot of calculation to mix the pixel data and performs best when having some sort of hardware acceleration. Hardware acceleration is currently supported for STs STM32 and Renesas RX65N devices.

      ROM and RAM on your device is more than sufficient.

      How is the LCD connected to the MCU?
      Does the device have a build in LCD controller?