[SOLVED] Debugging Assembler project with J-Link Edu

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  • [SOLVED] Debugging Assembler project with J-Link Edu


    I have created a Assembler project. I use a C/C++ template project and change the needed parts (linker script, processor, etc.). My project gets compiled and linked and I can start the debugger, but the breakpoints doesn´t work as I expected. I can place the breakpoint but the debugger doesn´t trigger at the breakpoint and the breakpoint is marked with a questionmark (see Screenshot).
    I change the following parts in the project settings:

    • Generate Assembler Listing File - Yes
    • Always Rebuild - Yes
    • ARM Architecture - v6
    • ARM Core Type - ARM1136J-S
    • ARM FPU Type - VFP
    • Byte Order - Little
    • Use Manual Linker Script - Yes
    • Linker Script File - Path to script
    • Entry Point - _start
    • Linker - GNU

    • Target Device - ARM11
    • Run To - _start
    • Startup Completion Point - _start
    And I can place breakpoints in the disassembly window. This breakpoints get triggered after I restart the debug session. Is this the normal behaviour?

    Thanks and greetings
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  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    A question mark on a breakpoint usually indicates that for this code part no instructions have been compiled and it is not part of the currently debugged application.
    This can be due to compiler optimization, not using the file in the project, preprocessor exclusion etc.
    Make sure this code/file is linked to the application image and you should be able to set a breakpoint.

    Best regards,
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