STemWin will not display large ellipses properly

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    • STemWin will not display large ellipses properly

      When drawing large ellipses, STemWin will not display them as an ellipse, but instead as this zigg-zagged-pattern, which you can see in the attached picture.
      Has anyone ever encountered a similar issue? Is there any kind of support for these kind of bug from ST side?
      • renditionDownload.jpeg

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    • Hi,

      We have experienced the same and added a function to draw large ellipses. This will be released with the next emWin version.

      Unfortunately, I can not say how long it will take till ST relases the new version.

      You can get access to the most recent version of emWin by buying a Source Code Upgrade. Since you are using a free library of emWin you will get a 50% discount:…win/emwin-source-upgrade/