[SOLVED] No MCU detected in KEIL

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  • [SOLVED] No MCU detected in KEIL

    Drivers 6.14-6.54. KEIL does not detect the STM32F030F4 processor. When change the debugger from J-Link to ST-Link, the processor is detected. The oscilloscope does not detect SWD activity.
    The cause of the malfunction - in the KEIL settings, the processor is selected as "STM32F030F4Px" and this name is written in the settings file "project.uvprojx" in the parameter
    <Device> STM32F030F4Px </Device> "
    As a result, J-Link does not find this type of processor and puts "ARM7" (info in the J-Link control panel).
    If in the file "project.uvprojx" in the TargetCommonOption/Device settings change the name from "STM32F030F4Px" to "STM32F030F4", then J-Link starts to find the processor and the processor type "STM32F030F4" is displayed in the J-Link control panel.
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  • Hi,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We will change this behavior in the next release planned for tomorrow.
    It should all work as expected then.

    Best regards,
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