JTrace Cortex-M requirements

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    • JTrace Cortex-M requirements



      I am thinking of purchasing a JTrace Pro for Cortex-M, but I would like to know one thing first which I could not find in the JTrace description.

      What kind of binary is required in the target to use the trace streaming, profiler and timeline? Does the binary need debugging symbols (-g or -ggdb with arm gcc), which the normal JLink debugger uses, or can it trace without debugging symbols present in the target (-Os + -g0) ?
      I sometimes have issues with release build binaries that won't run correctly, yet their debug counterpart versions execute correctly. It would be very helpful to trace the release build version :P .

      Thanks in advance,

      Ewout Boks
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      Hello Ewout,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      If you need to know what the application context is and want to use the streaming trace e.g. timeline feature we recommend having an elf file with all debug information and if possible without any optimization.
      This features might also work with optimization levels maximum if the application is not to complex and Ozone can deconstruct the context from other information.

      However in release builds debug information is mostly not available so some of the streaming trace features might not work correctly. However what will still work is the "backtrace", called instruction trace in the posted link.
      So you will still be able to see which instructions have been executed in past in correct order without gaps. Just without the corresponding symbol information.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Best regards,
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