Problem with memory device in emwin with ST7735

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    • Problem with memory device in emwin with ST7735

      i have a 2inch spi tft lcd with st7735 driver and i run emwin library on it using stm32f103ve. i dont use external ram for emwin and just use micro ram for emwin. i can use all of emwin capability except memory device. i try evrything but memory devices wont work. is that because of i dont use external ram or memory devices wont work on spi lcds at all or a Specific configuration for memdevice is exist that i ignor.

    • Hello,

      if you're using only internal ram for keeping emwin pool and frame buffer I think it is too few for memory devices.

      Display driver just does data exchange with st7735. Memory size depends on color configuration you're using.

      For example, if your 2inch display has a resolution 128 * 128 then you need 64kb for a memory device with 32bpp color depth.

      It is a size of whole internal ram in stm32f103ve.

      Check return value of memory device creating function you're using. If it returns 0, it is most likely out of memory.