Firmware too old

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    • Firmware too old


      I am using a EFM8BB1 Busy Bee Starter Kit Board (BRD5200A Rev A01) to debug an EFM8BB10F8G-A-QSOP24 SiLabs micro. I need to set the oscillator to 80KHz. I went into the J-Link Configuration and set the J-Link Speed to 80Khz. I get a message the connection failed.

      Message deatils:
      EFM8 (C2): Connect failed and connected J-Link (S/N 44039725) does not support fallback method (firmware too old). Please get in touch with SEGGER

      In Simplicity Studio I have Keil 8051 Toolchain (v9.53) running.

      When micro is setup with 24MHz oscillator connection for debug works fine.

      Is there a way to get the debugger to work when oscillator is setup at 80KHz.