r (reset) triggers flash write trace ...

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    • r (reset) triggers flash write trace ...

      I see that doing a 'r' / reset command in J-Link, causes a flash write traces, and , I do not understand why. Most importantly I guess to know if it's actually erasing/writing anything just because I wanted reset .. and why. I load/flash image just before reset, and don't want it to be erased.

      Source Code

      1. J-Link>r
      2. Reset delay: 0 ms
      3. Reset type NORMAL: Resets core & peripherals via SYSRESETREQ & VECTRESET bit.
      4. Comparing flash [100%] Done.
      5. Erasing flash [100%] Done.
      6. Programming flash [100%] Done.
      7. Verifying flash [100%] Done.
      8. J-Link: Flash download: Bank 0 @ 0x01000000: 1 range affected (2048 bytes)
      9. J-Link: Flash download: Total time needed: 0.125s (Prepare: 0.037s, Compare: 0.006s, Erase: 0.011s, Program: 0.038s, Verify: 0.006s, Restore: 0.024s)
      10. ResetTarget() start
      11. ResetTarget() end
      12. J-Link>
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      Sort of, did not expect reset to trigger re-flashing.