multiple windows handling

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    • multiple windows handling

      Hi everyone,
      I am creating a frame window using GUI builder in which I am having images,fonts.
      And also I have created another window for Numpad using example code.
      They can work independently, but I need to pop-up the numpad window when
      pressing a button and to make changes in the corresponding text or edit text window.
      How to do this ?
      Basically I need to handle multiple windows fastly ,please give me your suggestions.
    • Hi Sridhar,

      you have to react on that button in your program and then show your numpad window. The simplest way to show a window would be to just call WM_HideWindow() and WM_ShowWindow(). But you could also move it in and out using an animation to give it a fancier look.

      You can set up your own animation (see the chapter "Animations" in the manual) or use the functions GUI_MEMDEV_MoveInWindow() and GUI_MEMDEV_MoveOutWindow(), although they require a bit more memory, as these functions are using memory devices.

      I've attached a sample demonstrating the use of these functions.

      Best regards,