[SOLVED] How to manually include ALL used header files?

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  • [SOLVED] How to manually include ALL used header files?


    I would like to add ALL used header files to my project directory, including the "std....h" files like stdio.h, stdint.h etc.

    The normal behaviour seems to be, that these files are automatically linked in from SEGGER's ES installation path. But how can I suppress this behaviour and link my own header files?

    Best Regards,

  • Hi Pascal,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    If you don't want to use the default libraries of Embedded Studio you can disable it in project settings under Library->Include Standard Libraries->No.

    Could you elaborate why you would want to do that though?
    ES is not using the standard newlib but a highly optimized version tailored for embedded targets. So for most cases it is not wise to use a third party library as this will slow down your code and increase code size.
    Here is a comparison with other libraries:

    Best regards,
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  • Hi Nino,

    thanks for your hint and the comparison with other libraries!

    SEGGER - Nino wrote:

    Could you elaborate why you would want to do that though?
    First of all I would like to see all used header and library files, just out of interest.

    awneil wrote:

    Presumably, the idea is that everything is under version control?
    And yes, also to include all files to my git version control. At least I would like to be notified when any file of my application is changed for example after a SES update...

    awneil wrote:

    But then just copying the headers doesn't make sense - you would also need the libraries themselves.
    You are completely right! I archived it like this.
    1. I added all header and lib files (*.a & *.o) to my project directory.
    2. I edited the "Standard Library Directory" in the "Library-Options" to my project directory
    3. I added a new "User Include Directory" in "Preprocessor-Options" for the header files.

    This seems to work for me!

    awneil wrote:

    And the complete toolchain ..
    Hmm good hint, is there a suitable way to go?

    Thanks :)

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