ST-Link Reflash Utility

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    • ST-Link Reflash Utility


      First of all, I have STM32F446RE Nucleo-64 board.

      Is there any way to use ST-Link Reflash Utilty in Linux(Ubuntu 16.04) ?
      I tried to run with wine. It works but I get some errors like below

      Preparing for FW update (can take up to 10 seconds)...ERROR: Cannot find an ST-LINK, multiple ST-LINKs plugged in, or ST-LINK is in use

      Thanks for helps.
    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The reflash utility is only available for Windows. Linux or mac versions are not planned.

      When using a VM make sure that USB devices are forwarded correctly to the VM. For more information consult the VM supplier.

      Best regards,
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