DropDown Widget Problems

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    • DropDown Widget Problems


      I'm using a DropDown widget and have added 3 strings to the widget ("PA", "PSI", "BAR").
      The dropdown expands and closes just fine, however when I select the last option (BAR) and re-open the widget, it appears like the items have all shifted up one row.

      I can no longer see the first entry and the last entry is now blank.

      Any ideas as to why this behaviour would happen?

      Pictures below show the problem
      • Dropdown1.PNG

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      • Dropdown2.PNG

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    • Hi htsmith19,

      normally this happens if the y-size of the widget isn't big enough to display all the items. When this is the case, a white space is added to make up for that. And when this white space is clicked, the items move up.

      Note that the y-size you give the DROPDOWN widget upon creation is the y-size of only the dropdown menu that pops up, meaning only the framed box without the button to open and close.

      To fix this you could try to increase the y-size of the DROPDOWN widget. To calculate the optimal size, you have to add up the item height of all items (which is the height of the selected font) plus 2 pixels for the border.

      Best regards,