[SOLVED] Is J-Link PRO supporting multiple GDB Servers connected via Ethernet (i.MX6Q)

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  • [SOLVED] Is J-Link PRO supporting multiple GDB Servers connected via Ethernet (i.MX6Q)

    Dear Community,

    Please find the reproduction steps (i.MX6Q):

    Power cycle the board
    Stop at U-Boot prompt

    ./JLinkGDBServerExe -select IP= -device MCIMX6Q6 -endian little -if JTAG -speed auto -noir -noLocalhostOnly

    (gdb) target remote localhost:2331
    (gdb) hb *0x17800000
    (gdb) c

    Boot Linux

    GDB halts on the address:
    Breakpoint 1, 0x17800000 in ?? ()

    At this point I do want to start the other instance of GDB Server (for Core #1):

    ./JLinkGDBServerExe -select IP= -device MCIMX6Q6 -endian little -if JTAG -speed auto -noir -noLocalhostOnly -scriptfile ~/work/J-Link-PRO/MCIMX6-core-1.JLinkScript -port 2334 -swoport 2335 -telnetport 2336 -logtofile -log ~/aaa.txt

    Unfortunately, it is not possible (after following the above steps) to start
    multiple GDB server instances to use Ethernet as the connection medium.

    However, I can start multiple instances with '-select USB' switch passed (instead
    of -select IP=).

    Is the connection to multiple GDB Servers supported with ETH (IP=192.168.2.X) or
    is it only working via USB (J-Link PRO has both USB and ETH ports)?

    Please find attached aaa.txt log file.

    The MCIMX6-core-1.JLinkScript is from

    With the above setup (debug steps) the guidelines/scripts from
    are not working.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    • aaa.txt

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  • We are currently working on a new multi-processing concept / solution which is expected to be completed in Q1/2020.
    This will then allow multiple connections via IP (if all come from the same host PC)
    For now, you are limited to 1 connection via IP.