[SOLVED] Relocate symbols in OZONE

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  • [SOLVED] Relocate symbols in OZONE

    Dear community,

    I would like to ask about using Ozone SW (ver. 2.70.3 - 64 bit Debian) with debugging U-Boot.

    U-Boot itself work with two sets of "locations". One matches the address set of u-boot elf binary just after
    starting it from SPL (or loading it via GDB - e.g. 0x17800000).

    However, after successful startup the U-Boot relocates itself to the area being near the top of available

    Hence my question - is it possible to relocate symbols in Ozone GUI for easy debugging?
    I mean to have something similar to:
    (gdb) add-symbol-file u-boot 0x4ff8b000
    In that way I could debug U-Boot after it relocates itself.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • Thanks for the hint.

    I was just curious - how one can load re-located U-Boot symbols (or shared library for example).

    In my use case - I would like to do it without any breakpoints set (HW or SW). Just break the execution
    of the code (at some random place), load symbols with offset - inspect the code and just resume
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry,
    To move symbols to another location you can use command Project.RelocateSymbols.

    How to use it is explained in the Ozone user manual. Section "" Scripting Interface shows a sample on how to do it with a bootloader setup.

    Best regards,
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  • lukma wrote:


    Just to test if I can "break" the execution of the code (in some random place) - see if symbols are correctly loaded (after relocation) and resume.

    Oh ok. When you halt the target CPU at a random place with the monitor (monitor halt..), on your client you update/add the symbols , as you were doing it. It's kinda Ok.

    Or you script it to autoload/update for you. without monitor halt