images to .DAT files creation using emwin

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    • images to .DAT files creation using emwin

      hi every one
      I am currently working in nuvoton N9H30 series evaluation board.In 2D sample codes ,I am
      having so many .DAT files which is working.These .DAT files have hex code for the image RGB888.
      I don't know how they created that .DAT files for images.
      It will be very helpful if someone suggests a way to create .DAT files using emwin.

      I have developed ".C" files using GUI Builder,Bitmap Converter.But I need to create .DAT files
      which I can add in the code.

      I have also tried to use the hex values from .C converted codes and saved it as .DAT file.It saved as .DAT
      file and code is also compiling and programmed.But I am not getting image correctly.

      So i need to know how to convert images into .DAT files using emwin properly.
    • Hi sridhar6994,

      emWin doesn't support .DAT files. Maybe you mean .DTA files? .DTA is a streamed bitmap format. You may save images in the .DTA format using the Bitmap Converter, click "File->Save As" and select the .DTA file format.

      Best regards,