J-Link Multisession

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  • J-Link Multisession


    I have the JTAG/SWD Emulator with USB interface.

    Is there any method to control several of these J-Link probes in parallel (connected to different USB ports) in the same executable? I don't mean closing one connection and opening another. I mean running two debug sessions at the same time, from one application instance.

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  • Hello bogdan.ionita,

    Yes, it is possible to use multiple J-Links at the same time.
    Please refer to UM08001, J-Link / J-Trace user manual,
    section 5.6 Connecting multiple J-Links / J-Traces to your PC.

    To use the same J-Link from different processes (such as IAR debuggers) is no problem at
    all. All accesses to the DLL are serialized using named mutexes.
    It is also possible to use different programs at the same time, such as
    a J-Link commander and EWARM. All of this is possible with a single J-Link
    for a single target, or a single J-Link accessing multiple targets in
    JTAG-daisy cchain configurations as well as multiple J-Links
    and multiple applications on a single PC from different processes.
    The only thing that is a little more tricky is using multiple J-Links
    from within a single process at the same time. In this case,
    you need to have a copy of the jlinkarm.dll and load a second instance.

    Best regards