[SOLVED] How to access multiple RTT channels from Telnet

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  • [SOLVED] How to access multiple RTT channels from Telnet


    I am on Linux receiving RTT channel 0 output (up link data from target point of view) by telnet to tcp port 19021 from JLinkGDBServerCL. It's working fine as long as I only use one channel. But I knew from inside the application I can setup additional RTT channels for used as independent streams, this is what I am looking for. But it seems that JLinkGDBServerCL only listen to tcp port, that is 19021, so I am wondering how can I get the channel 1,2 data from telnet?

    I knew there is RTTViewer, but I cannot depend on it because I want to do some programming works on the data that I received from RTT in the real time. The other interesting things that I found is that a single RTT channel support multiplexing, but I think I have to firstly understand how it encodes multiple terminal's streams in one TCP stream before I can leverage it. I guess it would be some in-band command escaping, but anyway there is no a doc describing this.

    Any clue or help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Hi woody,
    Thank you for your inquiry.

    Please note that our TELNET implementation does not support other channels besides channel 0 yet.
    We will probably add this feature sometime in the future.

    To be able to use other channels, you would need to use our SDK.

    Best regards,
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