language changing using csv file binary format

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    • language changing using csv file binary format


      In the code for language changing "WIDGET_MultiLanguageCSV" which is mentioned in samples. They have used the binary format of the csv file. Is that necessary??

      If yes, then how to convert csv file into binary format??

      Can I just create a excel of csv format and include in my program. If yes, please do let me know the process.
    • I tried something like this.

      Please see the attachment.

      Do I need to specifically convert the csv format into binary??
      if yes, how to convert any csv file into its binary format??
      If not, then how to read csv file in the code directly instead of binary format??
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    • Hi Arjuman,

      no, a binary format is not necessary. You may also use a file reader (like the one in Windows.h) to load the csv data. There is an example of a _GetData() function doing this in the manual if you search for the function GUI_LANG_LoadTextEx().
      If you do want to convert something into binary format, you may use our tool Bin2C.exe shipped with emWin.

      Best regards,