JLink Pro unable to program OTP area STM32L496VG

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    • JLink Pro unable to program OTP area STM32L496VG


      I'm trying to write OTP area of STM32L496 (page 97).

      This OTP area start at address 0x1FFF 7000. If only one bit is at 0, the entire double word cannot be writtenanymore, so I need to use write64, unfortunatly it's not provide on J-Flash so I can't use "action" on "Init steps".
      The solution (that i use on ST-Link V2) is to create a binary file and load it at address 0x1FFF 7000 but when I try it, I have a pop-up "Selected Data (0x1FFF7000 - 0x1FFF747) does not fit into selected flash sectors. Could not execute task. Could not auto program target."

      Do you have any recommandation to fix this issues ?


    • Hello Jérémy,

      The option byte area cannot be written directly via flash programming.
      But you can write the corresponding registers via exit steps (or init steps).
      The corresponding registers can be found in the document you linked above on pages 131 ff.

      Does this solve the problem?

      Best regards,
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