Cortex M0 Downloading file Unspecified Error -1

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    • Cortex M0 Downloading file Unspecified Error -1

      I bought the JLink EDU because I'm interested in learning how to write my own bootloader. I'm running Linux and have installed the JLink utilities from the .deb provided by Segger.

      I purchased an Aruduino clone with a Cortex M0 on it. I'm able to connect to it, read registers, halt it. etc. However anytime I try to load a firmware to it all I get is "Unspecified error -1". This isn't very helpful unfortunately and I can't seem to find a way to get more verbose output.

      Here's an example from invoking JLinkeExe on my command line:


      1. Connecting to target via SWD
      2. Found SW-DP with ID 0x0BC11477
      3. Scanning AP map to find all available APs
      4. AP[1]: Stopped AP scan as end of AP map has been reached
      5. AP[0]: AHB-AP (IDR: 0x04770031)
      6. Iterating through AP map to find AHB-AP to use
      7. AP[0]: Core found
      8. AP[0]: AHB-AP ROM base: 0x41003000
      9. CPUID register: 0x410CC601. Implementer code: 0x41 (ARM)
      10. Found Cortex-M0 r0p1, Little endian.
      11. FPUnit: 4 code (BP) slots and 0 literal slots
      12. CoreSight components:
      13. ROMTbl[0] @ 41003000
      14. ROMTbl[0][0]: E00FF000, CID: B105100D, PID: 000BB4C0 ROM Table
      15. ROMTbl[1] @ E00FF000
      16. ROMTbl[1][0]: E000E000, CID: B105E00D, PID: 000BB008 SCS
      17. ROMTbl[1][1]: E0001000, CID: B105E00D, PID: 000BB00A DWT
      18. ROMTbl[1][2]: E0002000, CID: B105E00D, PID: 000BB00B FPB
      19. ROMTbl[0][1]: 41006000, CID: B105900D, PID: 001BB932 MTB-M0+
      20. Cortex-M0 identified.
      21. J-Link>loadfile baremetal.hex
      22. Downloading file [baremetal.hex]...
      23. Unspecified error -1
      24. J-Link>
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      Any thoughts? Things to try? This is a known working .hex file, I just wanted to confirm I can flash anything at all.

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    • I was playing with this more tonight and still can't get anything going. I'm able to step through whatever is running on the M0. It looks like the write test, fails, however (which may be why it can't load the file to target). Still no helpful output, though.

      Source Code

      1. J-Link>TestWSpeed
      2. Speed test: Writing 8 * 128kb into memory @ address 0x00000000 ........
      3. Write test failed. 1 bytes written successfully.
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      Thanks for your inquiry.

      Could you please send us a J-Link log file? How to enable:
      Could you also send us a screenshot of the full J-Link commander output?
      Could you also tell us, what chip exactly you are trying to download to?

      Best regards,
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