[SOLVED] TM4C1290NCPDT instruction trace with Ozone

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  • [SOLVED] TM4C1290NCPDT instruction trace with Ozone

    The application PCB now has the TM4C1290NCPDT ETM trace pins connected to the JTrace Pro
    connector. I have initialized the trace pins in the firmware and generated an ELF file.

    The hardware was not originally designed for ETM. These pins were brought out just
    to use JTrace Pro. Currently, the trace pins do not have any resistors connected to them.
    Attached is a sample picture from the TI app note. Do these resistors need to be connected
    to all trace pins? Please advice what connections are needed.

    When I load the project into Ozone, it says there is no trace clock present, trace may not
    work correctly.

    While I created a JLinkScript.txt file, what else do I put in the OnTraceStart function?

    The tutorial project from the Segger website has an empty pex file.

    TI_MSP432E4_16MHz_TraceExample_pex\TI_MSP432E4_16MHz_TraceExample _pex

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    For everyone else stumbling across this thread:
    - The attached picture does not show any trace pins as the picture shows a Arm 20-Pin debug header and no Cortex-M 19 pin trace header.
    - Trace will obviously only work if the trace pins are connected on the right trace header and need to be initialized, see here for the pin out:
    - The pex file is not empty, it is simply a compiled JLinkScript file as explained in the trace example articles, so they are not humanly readable but not empty.

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