how to get jobs that will perform ?

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    • how to get jobs that will perform ?

      I created a text widget and set it's font to 255 pixel size font. I have a timer which updates the text widget repeatedly.So If the text widget's setText operation is not finished yet, the text widget content behavior wierd. I want to check setText operation is finished or isnt finished, then update the text widget content if the previous operation finished. Are there any way to do this. I try gui_exec but doesnt work...

      Thanks in advance.
    • Hi Emin,

      I doubt that the setText operation isn't finished, but rather the drawing isn't. Drawing such a large font takes a bit longer, especially if the font is anti-aliased.
      Can you tell me what font format you use (file format, anti-aliasing etc.) and which hardware? And can you also explain what the weird text widget behavior is?

      Best regards,