[SOLVED] JFlash MCU Init Steps

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  • [SOLVED] JFlash MCU Init Steps

    I am trying to use JFlash with a Flasher ARM to setup a cortex M4 board with Kinetis K64. I have a script that works with a different brand flash programmer. I am trying to use MCU Init Steps to duplicate the script actions.

    The script sequence is reset CPU, disable watchdog, and setup clocks.

    A typical script action would be something like
    while ((memValue & mask) != 0x10); //which just waits for specific bits to be set or cleared in a memory location

    I see that there is a Verify 8bit command in init steps that might be useful, but the explanation just says it verifies that a memory location is equal to a defined value. It does not say what happens if they are equal or if they are not equal. Is there a document somewhere that provides a more complete description of MCU Init Step commands?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    The Verify commands in Init Steps will show a pop up on failure and when it works it will simply continue with the next step.
    We will see if documentation can be improved here.

    FYI alternatively you can also create a JLinkScript file and do the init steps there. The benefit is that it is then portable between all our software tools and offers more advanced script functions and error handling than the Init Steps in J-Flash.
    How to create a JLinkScript file is explained in the J-Link user manual Um08001.

    Best regards,
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