emWIN + freeRTOS + NXP i.MXRT

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    • emWIN + freeRTOS + NXP i.MXRT

      Hi Segger,

      I am porting emWIN to freeRTOS on NXP i.MXRT MCU, i encountered some problems and need your help.
      when my code execute "WM_CreateWindowAsChild", a port of RAM memory will be used by this function ex: 0x806FC000
      but I have checked GUI_ALLOC_AssignMemory, GUI_MEMORY_ADDR = 0x80000500 , GUI_NUMBER = 0xC0000
      I don't know why 0x806FC000 memory will be used by WM_CreateWindowAsChild?

      Does any memory setting need to modify?
      if you need any information, I will give you asap.