How to make Flash Placement file.

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    • How to make Flash Placement file.

      I am a hardware engineer and not very familiar with software or firmware other than the very basics.

      I am trying to move a project from the Keil IDE to SES. I am working with Nordic's NRF52832 for this project. This project complies, flashes, and works in Keil but I can't get it to work in SES. I tried following Nordic's guide for this but was unable to get it to work and I have also asked for help on Nordic's dev zone.

      I am getting errors when compiling with the linker and I do not understand how to make a Flash Placement file.

      The errors I am getting are in the attached image.
      How do I make one or generate one.

      I am sorry for my inexperience, what can I do to solve this.

      Thank you
      • Errors.png

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    • Hello,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      How to create flash placement files and their syntax is explained in the Embedded Studio manual. You can open the manual under Help->Contents or browse it online.
      Here are the corresponding sections covering that topic:

      Alternatively you can use the SEGGER Linker. The manual for it can be found in the Embedded Studio install folder under /html/SEGGER.

      Example implementations for the xmls can be found as explained in the manual or in the Nordic SDK.

      Best regards,

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