[SOLVED] jLink Ultra+ is not programming faster than jLink plus

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  • [SOLVED] jLink Ultra+ is not programming faster than jLink plus

    I have used the JLink plus to program the Nordic 52832, the image size is about 500K. I use the J-Flash V6.20b software and the default settings. It takes about 10 seconds for the "Program and Verify".

    I then purchased the JLink Ultra+, hoping it will take less time to program, but it turns out about the same. Is there some setting I should change to observe the advertised speed improvement?

    My target use SWD interface.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    To achieve higher download speeds you can increase the interface speed. J-Link Plus only supports up to 15 MHz and J-Link Ultra+ up to 50 MHz.
    This should already increase the speed of the general download sequence as we can send data and commands faster to the target.
    However at some point the target device itself with its Flashcontroller becomes the bottleneck or the target even does not support the higher interface speeds and the connection becomes unstable. Unfortunately the values here are very target and board specific and must be simply tried out.

    After a quick test with the latest J-Link software version, a nRF52 DK and a J-Link Ultra+ at 20 MHz you should be able to download and verify the 500k Flash in roughly 5 seconds.

    Best regards,
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