[SOLVED] Ozone FreeRTOS Awareness Issues

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  • [SOLVED] Ozone FreeRTOS Awareness Issues


    Today I tried out FreeRTOS Awareness in Ozone 2.60p.
    I can load the plugin and the tasks view will show the tasks.
    According to the website, I should be able to see the the current state of any task (call stack, register window, local data) when selecting a task in the view.
    This is not working. The views stay the same every time.

    Then I downloaded the newest version of Ozone (2.70a).
    Now FreeRTOS Awareness doesnt work at all. I can not even see the tasks.

    I am using FreeRTOS v9 running on an Cortex R4 MCU.
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Currently Ozone ships only with FreeRTOS scripts for Cortex-M3, M4, M7, ARM and Cortex-A9.
    R4 is not provided yet.
    However you can simply use either the CA9 or ARM script as base and create your own for Cortex-R4.

    They are written in Javascript. The API is explained in the Ozone manual in section 6.2

    Best regards,
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