[SOLVED] project_template.xml taget filter

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  • [SOLVED] project_template.xml taget filter

    Is there a way to define filter in the project_template.xml custom template to select just certain devices from the list ?

    Source Code

    1. <project cpu_manufacturer="Generic" cpu_generic_name="Cortex-M" name="Cortex-M Executable" description="A C/C++ executable for a LPC5410x." type="Executable" template_name="CM_EXE" order="-3" target_select="yes">
    For example, above project template will initiate target select window, but it will show everything there. So user needs to type in the whole name in the search to show the selection. It is easy to do the typo and create invalid project.

    What I would like is to predefine target list, at least by filter for example "LPC541*" or something similar.

    Is that possible ?
  • Hello,

    Thank you for your inquiry.
    Filtering target devices via a template is no available.
    We generally recommend using the GUI when setting up projects, that way you don't run in the issue that a corrupter project might be created.

    Best regards,
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