[SOLVED] ram placement with OS_RAM_SECTION_ATTRIBUTE define

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  • [SOLVED] ram placement with OS_RAM_SECTION_ATTRIBUTE define


    I'd like to force the placement of all embOs variable in the internal SRAM, whereas the standard placement is in the external SDRAM in my linker file.
    I try to use OS_RAM_SECTION_ATTRIBUTE define like this :

    Source Code

    and in the linker file :

    Source Code

    1. define region CPU_SRAM_region = mem:[from 0x00000000 to 0x00001FFFF];
    2. "CPU_SRAM":place in CPU_SRAM_region { section .CPU_SRAM, section .CPU_SRAM.noinit};

    It works fine for all module (embOs and others, with the same kind of syntax), but for embOs, I have some compiler warnings :

    Source Code

    1. variable "_InStage @ ".CPU_SRAM.init"" (declared at line 171 of "C:\Work\Soft\empty-rx-project\libs\asc-framework\Libs\embos\GenOSSrc\OS_Com.c") is an initialized variable in __data32 memory (1 more variable like this)
    2. variable "_abInBuffer @ ".CPU_SRAM.init"" (declared at line 168 of "C:\Work\Soft\empty-rx-project\libs\asc-framework\Libs\embos\GenOSSrc\OS_Com.c") is a zero-initialized variable in __data32 memory (14 more variables like
    because some varaibles are initilized with a specific, and other to 0 in the same C file.

    I'd like to know how can i suppress this warnings.

    thanks for all

    Liscence OS-01165, embOS for renesas RX, IAR compiler
  • Hi Thomas,

    that's more a question for IAR.
    Please have a look in the IAR EWRX compiler/linker manual on how to suppress warnings.
    Basically you can do it in the source code and in the project options.

    Best regards,
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