OZone crash when new hex file is created

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    • OZone crash when new hex file is created


      I use SES feeding into OZone, and one of the issues that I stumble upon occasionally is when I Windows switch focus to OZone when SES is linking OZone crashes. I do have auto re-program turned on.

      Windows 10 and the latest revisions of SES and OZone.

      I will say not having to switch SES from editing tool to debugger and back saves a significant amount of time. IDE's might be good, but switching modes from development to debugger is a waste of time.
    • Hi. I'd like to report similar behaviour in a different setup: TI Code Composer Studio (latest version) is used to compile for their LAUNCHXL-CC26x2R1 (Cortex M4 CC2562R1 controller) together with Ozone (2.70) and a J-Link Plus to flash and debug it on macOS X 10.14.6.

      Using e.g. their BLE Multi-Role example, I compile on CCS, wait until it's done, then switch to Ozone. Prior to switching back, debugging was stopped. When switching back, Ozone asks if it should reload the .elf file. After clicking yes, the UI freezes with about 50% chance. At least, killing and restarting Ozone is fast (imagine this with any Eclipse(-based) IDE), but I'd prefer not to have to.

      Can I provide any kind logs etc? Could you check on a similar setup?

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Such an issue is not known to us.

      Does this problem still persist with the newest version of Ozone?
      If yes, could you provide us with a step-by-step explanation on how to reproduce this issue?

      Best regards,
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    • Hi, thanks for looking into this. Status: I've tried this morning with the latest version and realized that Ozone does not hang forever, however, it takes 45 seconds until it becomes responsive again. So, no full hang, but it's faster to restart it in this situation

      I've used the LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1 Launchpad ti.com/tool/LAUNCHXL-CC26X2R1 but would assume that others will show the behaviour as well.

      Here are my steps:

      Install Code Composer Studio for Mac from ti.com/tool/download/CCSTUDIO (Use full Installer, web installer didn't work first time today)
      Custom Install, select at least "SimpleLink CC13x and CC26xx Wireless MCUs"

      Start Code Composer Studio (an Eclipse-based IDE)
      Select workspace somewhere
      Install all updates and restart
      Select Resource Explorer and wait
      Select Software->SimpleLink CC13x2 26x2 SDK v3.30.00.03->Examples->Development Tools->CC26xR Launchpad->BLE5-Stack->multi_role->TI-RTOS->CCS Compiler->multi_role
      Press "Download and Install" on the detail view and wait for the download to finish (aehm... this took maybe 20 minutes), skip SimpleLink Academy
      Press "Import into IDE"
      Press "Hammer" to build the project
      In Project Explorer, go to multi_role_app...->Binaries->multi_role_app... and right click "Show in Local Terminal"->System Explorer to find .out file

      Get LAUNCHXL-CC26XR1 Launchpad
      Remove all but GND, 5V, 3V3 jumpers between XDS debug probe and MCU on Launchpad
      Connect J-Link with 10-pin ARM Cortex adapter to "Target In"
      Power via micro USB

      Start Ozone
      Create New Project: Device CC2562R1 with cJTAG
      Open .out file
      Start firmware in Ozone

      Back to CCS
      Modify file, e.g. some debug output string Application->multi_role.c to trigger rebuild
      Press Build, wait until complete

      Switch to Ozone
      Ozone will ask to reload binary, press YES
      Ozone hangs in about 50% of tries. If not retry updating project

      One more: right before Ozone returns, it shows "File not found" (see attachment) for a second or so:

      Any idea what Ozone is doing all the time? :)

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