J-Link RTT Viewer Hangs

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    • J-Link RTT Viewer Hangs

      I am able to debug and output to the J-link RTT Viewer(V6.44e) and when I stop debugging or sometimes randomly, the Viewer will display the message
      "Warning: IAC character followed by invalid character(nonhexadecimal)"
      and the Viewer freezes and therefore would have to restart it
      I dont know what is causing this issue and when it really started. I previously did not have this issue.
      I am using Nordic SDK 15 and softdevice s132 and Keil V5.24.2.0
      your time, effort, and help will be greatly appreciated.
    • I think it means that it is receiving a non-ascii character in the stream - or interpreting it that way. I am using 6.50b and don't seem to see that issue - but i do have issues with attempting to use vt100 colour codes with rtt viewer showing
      WARNING: ANSI CSI SGR parameter 39 not supported.
      when trying to clear the colour formatting - i probably need to use the RTT specific defines, but it works fine for other terminals
    • Hello,

      Could you please give the most recent version of the J-Link RTT Viewer (V6.51e) a try and tell me if the problem still occurs for you?

      For text formatting, the RTT Viewer is made to work with the RTT_CTRL defines as they are defined in the SEGGER_RTT.h.
      Similarly, we suggest to use the RTT_CTRL_CLEAR define when clearing the terminal.
      Do you have a source/ examples for terminal applications using ANSI CSI SGR parameter 39 for clearing the screen?
      Best regards,