iMXRT1050-EVKB QSPI Flash issues

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    • iMXRT1050-EVKB QSPI Flash issues

      Hi - I'm working on getting the iMXRT1050-EVKB NXP development board running/debugging using the QSPI flash (IS25WP064AJBLE). I've modified the EVKB hardware from the default HyperFlash to QSPI Flash. I've modified the JLinkDevices.xml to use iMXRT105x/NXP_iMXRT105x_QSPI.elf. I'm using JLink V6.50a with j-Trace Pro Cortex-M.

      Using a logic analyzer I can see that the JLink/Trace is reading/writing the QSPI flash successfully (and the data is what I expect) when it goes thru the comparison/program phase. I can see the QSPI flash being successfully read (and the data is what I expect) where the reset handler entry point code starts. However, the JLink gdb server always fails with:

      Starting target CPU...
      ERROR: Can not read register 15 (R15) while CPU is running
      Reading all registers
      ERROR: Can not read register 0 (R0) while CPU is running

      However, if I change the JLinkDevices.xml to use iMXRT102x/NXP_iMXRT102x_QSPI.elf, I can usually get it to work (usually; sometimes it seems that it fails to compare/erase properly).

      Is this an issue on my side? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks.
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      Hello Kevin,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      Such an issue is not known to us.
      Does the example project from our Wiki work on your board? Did you follow all steps? It has been tested with the EVK so it should be working:

      Did you power cycle the eval board after a failed session? iMX devices are prone to get stuck if something went wrong and only a power on reset clears the device from that state.

      Best regards,
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