Unlock for MSP432

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    • Unlock for MSP432

      I saw that the unlock for MSP432 is not supported into JLink tools. I saw in another thread that this feature will be done in future...

      [SOLVED] MSP432E flash unlocking

      Until then, I will like to have some help to do it by script in JLink.

      First, I found the recipe to unlock in SLAU723-October2017 section

      I need to switch between JTAG-to-SWD and SWD-to-JTAG 5 time each.

      Is there already a function to do those switches between mode? Would be easier this way...

      If not, I will need to do this:
      1. Send at least 50 TCK / SWCLK cycles with TMS / SWDIO High to ensure that both JTAG and SWD
      are in their reset states.
      2. Send the 16-bit SWD-to-JTAG switch command, 0xE73C, on TMS/SWDIO.

      Could it be the following? Or I'm completely wrong...

      For step 1:
      Is TMS will be high?
      JLINK_JTAG_Write(0xFFFF, 0xFFFF, 50)
      but I can only mask 32bit?

      Can someone help?


      Germain Hebert
    • Hello Germain,

      Thank you for your inquiry.
      The approach might work if the sequence is not timing dependent.
      We have a weak Pulldown on TMS on J-Link side so make sure TMS has a pullup on targetside so it stays high.

      Best regards,
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